Asst. Machine Operator – Nights $16/hr base + up to $2/hr bonus

Job Description:
ASSISTS SLITTING MACHINE OPERATOR by doing any combination of following tasks
Assembles cores, collars, and shafts on roster and places roll in machine mounts, with hoist.
Places take-up tubes I of specified widths on rewind shaft.
Threads substance over stress bar, involving feed rollers, and beneath removable blades and laps finish of substance around take-up tube.
Pushes completed roll to seat and eliminates shaft.
Stacks and weighs records and pads weight and colour of load.
Moves load to next procedure channel or to storage, using hand bath.
May distance cutting blades machine shaft, according to diameter given for strips, and also flip setscrew to secure blades set up, with Allen wrench.
May package rewound rolls.
May transfer mill rolls out of inventory to machine, with hand truck or cart.
Performs other duties as described under HELPER Title.

Job Type: Total -period

Alter: Nights 6pm-6am, M-W and 6pm-10pm Th — 3 day weekend every week! )

Wages: Night Base pay is $16/hr + up to $2/hr bonus

Qualification Questions:
The number of decades of Manufacturing Plant experience have you got?
Have you finished the next degree of education: High school or equivalent?
Are you currently approved to function from another state: United States?
Are you ready to experience a background check, in accord with neighborhood law/regulations?
Are you currently in Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, TX?
Do you’ve got the subsequent license or certificate: Driver’s License?

Text me if you are interested in to have an application! (512) 627-4022