Automotive Car Sales Associate Consultant – South Tacoma Auto

In ” South Tacoma Auto. ” We aim to modify the used automobile business with innovative business techniques. We are expanding our Sales team quicker than previously, and we want vibrant, ambitious, innovative, enthusiastic people who have a Customer Relations mindset. 

This Automotive Sales standing centers around the consumer, not the motor vehicle. You may spend some time building relationships with clients through our CRM system by phoning, texting, texting and emailing. When the client arrives, you will have the chance to actively participate with them on the sales floor as you can help them locate the ideal car or truck.

As the business changes, South Tacoma Auto strives to maintain the “public business,” with greater attention on our clients and their demands than on attempting to market something which isn’t the ideal fit.

Strong people skills, vision and a aggressive, self-motivated attitude will make it possible for you to reach another level and establish your career with South Tacoma Auto. Training and mentorship is available to people who come prepared to find knowledge.

Our perfect candidate has the following abilities:
Passion for Sales
Powerful writing/speaking abilities
Discipline and self-motivation
Fantastic people skills and Social Networking Experience.
Prerequisites for the place:
Previous telephone experience (2+ years preferred)
Educational history (some college experience preferred, not mandatory)
Customer support experience
Computer informed
Valid driver’s license – must be hired

*To apply for this position, please EMAIL your resume using the aforementioned “REPLY” Email connection…
AND also use to your “Sales Associate” place at our site, utilizing the Link Below.

South Tacoma Auto
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Tacoma, WA. 98409