Campground Host

Blue Lake Campground at Churubusco, IN is a portion of the iCampIndiana household of campgrounds with six places in Northeast Indiana. As a campground host, the key responsibilities would be to welcome the guests with a friendly greeting and also help them with all aspects of their camp remain. 

Responsibilities and Obligations

Camp store server responsibilities include but aren’t limited to: keeping regular shop hours using proficient computer skills such as Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook); accepting bookings and answering queries by telephone, email, along with walk-ins; enrolling guests; viewing the gate and handling card accessibility; hosting and helping with a few tasks; demonstrating that the campground to possible campers; functioning at the snack shack including dipping ice cream, along with other snack earnings; overall cleaning; keep a list and an orderly shop; and keeping daily communication with direction.

Blue Lake Campground is available on a seasonal basis against mid-April into mid-October, working weekends and summer vacations are crucial as people are our active times.

We’re looking to hire two campground hosts to pay for These changes:

Weekly Office Hours: (non-holiday)
Sunday 9-5 (vacation 9-9)
Monday-Thursday 10-6
Friday 9-9
Saturday 9-9

1 place will pay for Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9-3 or even 3-9 and Saturday 9-3 or even 3-9 and each other Sunday.
The next place will pay for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9-3 or even 3-9 and Saturday 9-3 or even 3-9 and each other Sunday.
The Friday and Saturday change will rotate 9-3/3-9 unless you would rather that the 3-9 shift. Holiday weekends will need Sunday 9-3 or even 3-9 for both rankings.

Hours per week for every place will be 28-36 hours each week. Additional hours will be necessary on vacation months to 40 hours.

Please only apply if you’re available for all these times.