More than a job – Join a season with AZ Conservation Corps!


Term Length: Oct 1st – March 29th
Purchase: $5 285per week + $3,000 education award upon completion + meals if team is camping.
Program: Monday – Thursday 10 hours/day + intermittent Friday instructional elements.
Age: 18-25Job Description

What exactly does it mean to become an AmeriCorps Corpsmember in AZCC?
This means spending 10 hours a day out in all weather conditions, working your toughest on a number of projects focused on environmental conservation and habitat restoration. All while being a part of a large motion of volunteers operating in AmeriCorps programs nationally and growing specialist skills to be implemented in future occupations within the area of natural resource management.

Camping out for as much as eight days in a period is a mandatory part of this place. Corpsmembers will be expected to have an active part in their team of around eight individuals, camping and working with each other to accomplish the job duties. A passion to be outside and functioning with a group is demanded!

Participants need to be in a position to actively take part in environmental education activities and training proper safety procedures in all activities delegated. Including safe utilization of and maintenance of power and hand tools as essential.
Above all, participants have to be ready to become an active member of a staff, or team, of around eight people from different locations and backgrounds that are interested in and dedicated to consciously enhancing the world around them throughout a number of projects around Arizona.

Our Ideal Candidate…

Can work hard every single day and loves to be outdoors
Has an interest in the job and a fire for conservation
Is not scared to try new things or learn new abilities
Enjoys working as part of a staff towards a common target
Likes to have fun!

Neighborhood Crew Project Work

AZCC functions with a number of property management services in Arizona, like the US Forest Service, National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management, in addition to local agencies like Arizona State Parks and neighborhood Non Profits. This team will concentrate on projects which are local to Tucson and the surrounding region in cooperation with that the Pima County and other nearby public land agencies to enhance local lands and supply service opportunities to young adults at Tucson.
There’ll be a chance for a number of jobs which range in abilities and geographical location but will incorporate desert restoration, invasive species removal, planting, parks improvement jobs, and trail work. All jobs require a willingness to work hard, be safe and have fun.
Corpsmembers get a number of casual and formal trainings throughout their period of service. The first week of this term is dedicated to formal instruction and orientation which is made up of Wilderness First Aid, Leave No Trace, Outdoor Living, Crew Culture and target setting.
This position will comprise a minumum of one instruction day each week concentrated on job -trail opportunities, training, and extra classes.
Casual training will continue during the term with about the floor skills training to add things like instrument sharpening, plant identification along with a summary of public land management agencies.

AZCC is a medication -free association; alcohol and illegal substances are illegal. AZCC is a independent, non invasive -residential application. The Corpsmember must provide their particular private outdoor equipment and equipment for example a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, day package, multi-day package, work trousers, hiking/ work boots. Cookware and meals will be supplied while on job. AZCC will offer the gear, protective equipment and transport to projects. Housing isn’t provided.

The normal program is four -hour in support job work followed by a full day of instruction each other week with 2 or 3 times away. On occasion, this team can work eight to eight days on with six days away, or, with three times off either in the city or on spike (camping in the job ) determined by proximity to the job site from Tucson, AZ and job partner requirements. The day begins at 7AM with a stretch ring and security assembly. The afternoon comprises two fifteen minute breaks and a half an hour break for lunch. The day finishes in 5 PM.

Corpsmembers are compensated an AmeriCorps living stipend that averages out at $285 a week or $570 biweekly before taxation. Upon completion of the duration the Corpsmember will obtain an education award of $2,907. 50 for a 900 hour support duration to be used for paying off student loans paying tuition for a Title IV accredited faculty.

October 1, 2018 – March 16, 2019

To be eligible, you have to be between the ages of 18 and 25, also a US citizen who has obtained a high school diploma or GED. All offers of employment will be conditional upon completion of a decent check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry and national criminal history check. Must be eligible to receive an AmeriCorps Education Award.
****Preference will be given to applicants that are nearby to Tucson and the surrounding region. ****

Participant Essential Qualification Requirements:
Critical eligibility requirements for your program has to be fulfilled. If you cannot meet specific conditions, we may have the ability to help you with some modification unless it changes the basic nature of the app, endangers the health and safety of participants or personnel, or even puts an undue financial or administrative burden on the business. All these requirements are written exactly the exact same for many positions and consequently may not apply directly to a specific position.

Participation and Expedition Behavior:
• Function efficiently as a member of a team despite possibly stressful and hard ailments. This may need problem solving an interpersonal or group level and a willingness to accept gaps.
• Willingness and capacity to complete all elements of the program such as conservation jobs, instruction, training and nationwide support. Members should commit to engaging in most crew/team activities, such as service times in neighborhood communities where applicable.
• Effectively communicate thoughts and concerns as they arise right into managers, coworkers and business staff.
• possess the cognitive capability to learn essential skills and use them to efficiently execute the support work demands
• Appropriately signify the Program and AmeriCorps into the general public and project partners constantly.
• Contribute into a secure learning environment; without any harassment of other people for any reason.
Security and Judgment:
• Efficiently communicate threat to other people in the kind of either a warning of threat others could be limiting or a telling of private distress, trauma or demand for aid. You ought to be in a position to do this at a space of around 50 meters and in states with restricted visibility or loud background sound like shadow or high winds.
• Efficiently perceive, comprehend and follow management by other people so you will have the ability to successfully implement proper and possibly unfamiliar tactics to manage risks. These instructions could be given prior to the danger is encountered or might have to be supplied during exposure to this hazard.
• Stay awake and concentrated for Many hours a period when working and traveling in diverse weather conditions
• Perceive and understand apparent and significant hazards, such as those dangers previously identified by other people.
• Respond appropriately to crises or stress.
• When taking prescription drugs, participants have to have the ability to keep appropriate dose by self-medicating without help from other people.
Environmental Ethics:
• Understand and exercise’Leave no Trace’ methods
• Understand and safely execute basic outdoor living/travel and perform skills as appropriate to your job. In addition, stay adequately hydrated, fed, and correctly dressed in order to stay generally healthy and secure, preventing environmental harms.
• Live a physically demanding, potentially remote atmosphere for an uninterrupted period of up to many weeks. Requirements of the environment might vary significantly and might include severe and/or stressful weather. The remoteness is such that it might need at a minimal one hour, but maybe in excess of 12 hours, to achieve the closest advanced healthcare.
• Outdoor Trainers and Fitness (where suitable )
Substance Free:
• According with a drug free workplace, drugs and alcohol are illegal while engaging in AmeriCorps and application actions and while on business property.

Job Location
Tucson, Arizona, United States
Position Form
Total -Time/Regular

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